APPLE: McBA is now 10.12.4

Last night, my current McBA was updated to 10.12.4.

Let’s see what’s broken now?


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Got this a few minutes ago.


Wonder if it was related.

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APPLE: Genius bar helped some what

dk (1) Wifi reconnect incessantly after apply the last airport upgrade. Am I missing something?

Nothing obvious. Can see the intermittent problem. Need to leave it for a hardware check. Argh!

ok (2) Removing applications. Do I need a cleaner?

No registry so nothing needed.

no (3) iWeb partial publish to 1and1?

No! Software can’t do it. Maybe IWEB09? Don’t know yet.

no (4) ipconfig /release /renew /all in “Mac Book Air” land?

Can’t do it with the wifi airport. If you’d do a hardwire lan, you can. (Argh!)

no (5) redefine paste to always be “unformatted”

No, that’s application specific.

ok (6) Security How do I restrict access to my machine when I’m on a lan?

Can force users to limited roles. Checked settings. I’m OK.

ok (7) Proper disconnect of the Verizon dongle

Just yank it. No big deal.

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Update 2017-03Mar-11

Of course IWEB in the ICLOUD is gone. With it went several sites I had deployed with it. 

All the rest is obsolete.

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