EXCEL: Updating my steps target sheet

Long story short I feel off my exercise regimen. 

Sooooo, I wanted to recalibrate my spreadsheet to new lower plateau and then increment every sunday by 500 steps.

Being lazy, last time I did it by hand.

Being not so lazy and on hold for a support chat, I refigured the Excel formulas to do it.

=WEEKDAY(A2) gives you 1 for Sunday.

=IF(WEEKDAY(A3)=1,B2+500,B2) did what I wanted it to do.

So the final result to insert and copy down was:

Taaaa Dahhhh


It was easier than being lazy.

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EXCEL: My custom date format

[$-409]ddd dd-mm mmm-yyyy;@

Don’t know what “[$-409]” is?

Don’t know why I need the space in the “mm mmm” string?

Don’t know what the “;@“ is?

Don’t how to “fix” that ugly space in “01JAN”?

SO I demonstrated I don’t know a lot!

# – # – # – # – #  2017-Apr-03 @ 13:00