HARDWARE: Chromebook and external storage



How to use an external drive with a ChromebookNot all of your files are stored in the cloud. Learn how to move files between your Chromebook and an external hard drive, thumbdrive or SD card.

by Matt ElliottMarch 7, 2017 3:34 PM PST@themattelliott 

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Chromebooks are built with cloud storage in mind and offer a pittance of local storage — usually only 32GB or 64GB. So, instead of storing a bunch of Word docs and Excel files on a Chromebook, for example, you are meant to use Google Drive or Dropbox. Instead of a large music library stored locally in iTunes, you are meant to use Google Play or Spotify. Same deal with photos — instead of storing photos locally, Google Photos, Flickr or another cloud service.

Chromebooks feature USB ports and SD card slots, however, which let you connect to external storage devices for those times when you need to access a file that you have saved not to the cloud but an external hard drive, thumb drive or SD card. When you connect an external drive or SD card to your Chromebook, however, nothing happens. You won’t see a helpful prompt or a new desktop icon that, A. lets you know the system has recognized whatever it is that you connected to it, and B. provides a quick way to view its contents.

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Never thought it was that hard to connect. 

Don’t remember the first time I did connect, but I figured it out. 

I never eject so I guess I’m over due for a fail.

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HARDWARE: Screwed up my IPHONE5

Argh! Have an old iphone5 that is not worth attempting to resell — maybe now it is — so I was going to reset it and make it an “iPod” that a certain young lady could use with wifi to do her online deposits with. At least, then, it wouldn’t be a complete waste. So I reset it and then the “fun” began. 

Despite all the “advice” from Doctor Google, I couldn’t figure out how to activate it without a sim card. And the phone is so bent I couldn’t get it to open to swap my sim back in temporarily. 


The struggle will be continued when I get some ideas or a dead sim card. 

(The funny part is that even a dummy sim is ok. How stupid is that for a design? And you wonder why I want to escape  Apple?)

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HARDWARE: MagicJack was a bust

HARDWARE: MagicJack was a bust

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